Family Unearthed

Welcome, Dear Parent. 

You're here because you love your child or children in a way that words cannot ever express.

And yet, like so many parents on our planet today, you may struggle connecting with your child in a way that feels, well...good.

Good in your heart, head, and body.

At Family Unearthed, we've created space for parents to receive the information we need to thrive, support for parents to embody and be the information they learn, and community for parents to show their scars and be lifted back up again.

No more hiding. No more shame. No more secrets.

You are not broken, there is nothing wrong with you.

You're human, and you are living your inheritance, literally, in your cells and in every fiber of your being, bloodstream, and nueral networks.

We can honor our lineage, and, create a landscape for our children to grow into adults who:

Love themselves unconditionally

Accept themselves unconditionally

Are connceted to Life, to Magic

Can healthily navigate strong emotion

Can create and maintain intimacy

Are dedicated to expansion and truth

Can communicate their feelings, thoughts, dreams

Believe they are worthy of Belonging and Community.

Join us.

Sojourn through Sacred Motherhood  

A 16 Week Sacred Circle for Mothers Longing to Connect to the Mystical Underbelly of Motherhood

Empowered Parenthood Revolution

A 12 Week Circle for Parents Longing to Raise Their Children With Skill, Inner Peace, & Resiliency

1:1 & Co-Parenting Support

Personalized Coaching for Individuals or Couples Longing for Intimate Support & Guidance

Farai Harreld

Rebecca is gifted in holding an incredibly wholesome space for you to explore yourself and help guide you into healing.

My time with her was incredibly eye-opening, and a boon to my entire family. She is wise and sweet, and brilliant. I am so grateful to have met her and gone through her services.


If you are interested in doing the good, needed, difficult work, look no further.

Alia Sachedina

Rebecca has an extraordinary capacity for distilling down to the essentials of a person’s narrative. She listens deeply and helps her clients find form in the unformed. She brings tremendous compassion and non-judgment into a space that is ripe with emotion and vulnerability-which is to say:

she creates such a safe space.

~Alia, Kansas

Alexandra Fredricks


Rebecca was an amazing guide and support in helping me learn how to parent my inner child so that I can bring that love, empathy, and light to my physical child I brought to this Earth, as well as any outside projection of myself on other people.


I’ve learned empathy for myself and others, boundaries, self-discipline, unconditional love, values, and strategy.

I’ve learned that I’m not alone and there is no such thing as perfection; however, there is a strive to always be my best self.