::Motherhood Unearthed::

with Rebecca Lyddon

Poetic Guidance For Mothers Who Long to Connect Deeply

with Themselves,Their Children, Family, Community, Ancestors,& Their Sacred Calling

on this Beautiful Earth

Welcome, My name is Rebecca Lyddon.


I guide Mothers & Women who feel disheartened and overwhelmed into a clearing of deep self connection. I recognize that the quality by which we connect to self, mirrors our relationship to Earth, Ancestors, Community, and the Astral.


Mothers deserve to know & embody that they are worthy of belonging, inter dependency, personal truth, & a courageous, nourishing connection.


My bundle of medicines bring you, your Children, you Family, & your Ancestry deep, lasting support & healing. 

Thank you for being here. Your work impacts us all.




Dear You

Do you long to feel at ease in your body, heart, and soul as you navigate this wilderness called Motherhood?

Do you long to trust that you're not here to be a perfect parent never makes mistakes? What would Mothering from a place of embodied *trust* feel like? To really embrace a knowing that your Children are here to witness your growth, and learn from your own healing process, however messy and realistic it may be.

Does Motherhood feel like an exiled art? A constant guilt trip?

 An after thought... something you squeeze in between all of life's competing priorities?

Just another hat you wear?


We are remembering, somewhere inside of us...no matter how tiny of a spark, or loud a longing...our Motherhood needs nurturing, community, a space to be heard, seen, and empathized with from a place of emotional wisdom.

So we can reclaim the Honor & Purpose of being a Mother.

So we can embody and experience the joy, synchrony, presence, and connection that comes from 

our daily acts of Mothering our beautiful Children.

With this quality of support, we can Mother from a knowing that: We're going to be OK. Our Children, our Family...we are going to be OK.

 No matter how difficult, overwhelming, scary, unfamiliar, or uncomfortable.


Do you long to really, truly trust yourself as a Mother? To trust your path, your unfolding, as well as your Child's path and their unfolding? Do you long to Mother in community with like mind & hearted parents? Do you long to be able to forgive yourself for being human? To no longer equate Motherhood with perfectionism, while constantly comparing yourself and your Children to other Mothers and their Children?

Do you believe it is possible for you?

You are not alone.

In this moment, Mothers everywhere are waking up to their life with a haunting sense of powerlessness, unworthiness, and a deep lack of acceptance & belonging.

 The unrealistic, & old expectations of Mothers to be martyrs with a smile, need-less, & able to perfectly thrive in psychological, spiritual, emotional, & even physical isolation. 

How does this impact our Children?

Our Families? Our Communities? Our Earth?

The truth is: it's impacting all of the above to their Core. 


We cannot keep living and raising our Families this way.

It is time for us Mothers to prioritize ourselves on this journey, and really invest our time, energy, and resources into OURSELVES. So we can wake up in the morning feeling curious and excited to be with our Children, because we feel gentle and in integrity with ourselves, our choices, and our tools that support us on this path through a paradigm shifting time: away from colonial dominance, control, & violence, and RETURN to a parenting paradigm of inter-dependency, trust, emotional wisdom, reciprocity, commitment to community, Earth, & Ancestors.

From this place, we can begin to remember the original teachings of Motherhood:

Treating our Children as Sacred Beings & protecting their Childhood as long as possible

Using our innate power to transform conflict with empathy & emotional attunement

Speaking clearly, with courage, straight from our hearts

Resisting & eliminating the violent, oppressive, & disconnecting, toxic power patterned parenting paradigm

Being a vessel of purification, healing, and creativity for our past, present, and future

Do you believe it's possible?

I am committed to holding a circle of Sacredness

for Mothers who long for...

  • A connection with your Children that fills your entire being with trust, even in moments of conflict, the unknown, or difficulty

  • The knowing that you have all you need to create the Family culture of your dreams, rooted in your Soul's values

  • Access to that playful, joyful, curious, wonderful little Child who lives inside your heart

  • Feelings of confidence & clarity around your Sacred Identity as a Mother, & your unique Motherhood Medicine

  • A deep knowing that you belong in your Family

  • Courage to voice your Soul's needs & your Heart's Desires

  • Space to finally, finally, be honest about your experience as Mother, and nurturing guidance to stand as the leader & guide your Children need you to be

  • Solidarity around your gender & sexual identities, ancestral & cultural identities, and how they intersect with your Motherhood

  • Support for understanding & working with your Children's emotional, spiritual, & psychological needs, rooted in kindness & earth-intelligence

  • The ability to communicate with your most intimate Family members in an empowering way: without defense, shutting down, or spiraling

  • Deeper awareness of your personal triggers, & how to ritualize your way through emotional release & embodied reformation

  • Support for creating rituals & ceremony that carries you, and your Family, through Life, Death, Grief, Surrender, Creation...

  • Informed facilitation around how to proceed mindfully, with integrity, through a generational paradigm shift: away from violence & separation, and into connection, reciprocity, & interdependence. 

  • Soulful facilitation between you, your co-parent/spouse/partner, around how to parent & raise your Family with honor, integrity, & consistency

Are you ready to heal & restore your relationship to Motherhood? Your Parenting Approach? Your communication with your Children & Co-Parent?

I am here for you.
The Gifts I Offer Are...
     Journey Through Conscious Motherhood
       For Mothers who long to restore balance, experience 
deep personal & generational healing. I guide you through
whatever challenges you face in your Motherhood, whether it's
with your Children, your partner or co-parent, your extended family or in-laws, to a place of deep trust & inner strength.
 This practice moves from the soles of our feet upward, connecting earth energy, heart energy, somatic awareness, and the wisdom of the mind. The journey is completely personalized and the pace and depth is entirely up to you.
Journey Through Sacred Motherhood
For Mothers who long to connect deeply & actively to their personal lineage & Ancestors. I guide you back to a place of 
interdependency, and right relationship to the reciprocity of all things. You will experience a renewed & invigorated sense of purpose, honor, and belonging in your life experience as Mother.
Sacred Motherhood centers a healing foundation of respect for those who have come before us, the wisdom of emotion, the remembrance of our voice, the necessity of grieving, and the duality of play and sacred responsibility.
         Conscious Co-Parenting
Conscious Parenting
Community Workshops
Do you feel the Call?
Are you ready to create a Family of  depth, love, & Sacred connection?
:: Let's Begin ::

For Ourselves, our Children, our Community,

our Earth, & our Descendants.

Let's Begin, Right here, Right now.

      Motherhood Unearthed       

Rebecca Lyddon
Poetic & Ritualistic Guidance for Conscious, Sacred Motherhood