Hi, I'm Rebecca

Through my experience as a Mother, I've learned to soften.

To relearn who I am, what I want, need, and desire.

I've learned to create, to play, to trust, to dream, to mourn, and embrace the twists and turns.

What a journey!

Many, many beliefs, patterns, and outdated modes of thinking and behaving have had to fall away,in order for me to find my joy, fulfillment, purpose, belonging, and freedom in my role as Mother. It has taken conscious, daily, BEING and ACTING.

I am propelled by a vision. In my vision I see children being cared for by adults who are wise, healthy, free, creative, strong, brave, and bold. I hear children's voices. They are unafraid. They are kind. They care. I see Mothers courageously bonded, to themselves, the Earth, and our Ancestors. I see us supported, celebrated, and inspired.

I hold space for Mothers.

Really, that's what I do.

Made of my gifts of: Certified Conscious Parent Coaching, Non-Violent Parenting, Bachelor's in Community Organizing, Ancestral Remembering & Guidance, Lineage Healing, Inner-Child Healing & Self-Re-Parenting, Family Astrology, Ongoing Education in Waldorf Early Childhood, 5 Rhythms Dance, Child Developmental Psychology, Improve Theater, Elemental Ritual & Ceremony, Plant Medicine Listener, Singer-Songwriter, Poet, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Lover, & Life Partner.

I walk with you as you Unearth what keeps you stuck in disconnection & apathy, & Rebirth your relationship to Sacred Self, Sacred Motherhood, & Sacred Family.

      Motherhood Unearthed       

Rebecca Lyddon

Poetic & Ritualistic Guidance for A Compassionate Motherhood