Hello Dear Ones, I am Rebecca.

I am a Descendant of Dakota, French, & English Mothers & Grandmothers, as well as many missing + unknown.

They inform the teachings I share with you, through my body, my dreams, my song, my writing, my creation. 


I am a Mama & Artist on Unceded Kaáⁿze Homelands. These are Ancestors of displaced peoples, & I know my place here among them. 

I live in the inbetween :: with identities including non-binary + mixed lineage though raised "white" + Two-Spirit, pansexual + non-monogamy + Moonlight + Rushing Water. My pronouns in english are she/they, though I do not actually feel those. I DO identify as Mother. That is solid for me. And, I rejoice in the ways others identify as m(other), care-giver, parent, transmom, mxm, & the others I am unaware of.

I began my Journey through Sacred Motherhood at the tender age of 22.


Since I heard the call of my first Child longing to be born, I have walked with intention & understanding that Motherhood

would be my initiation home.

It's been a dark, difficult, rigorous, painful, lonely, courageous, remarkable journey.

I have had to mourn. Grieve. Release.

To relearn who I am, what I want, need, and desire.

I've learned to create, to play, to trust, to dream, to mourn, and embrace the twists and turns.

Many, many beliefs, patterns, and outdated modes of thinking and behaving have had to fall away, in order for me to find my joy, fulfillment, purpose, belonging, and freedom in my role as Mother. It has taken conscious, daily, BEING, and ACTING.

I am propelled by a vision

In my vision I see children being cared for by adults who are wise, healthy, free, creative, strong, brave, and bold. I hear children's voices. They are unafraid. They are kind. They care. I see Mothers courageously bonded, to themselves, the Earth, and our Ancestors. I see us supported, celebrated, and inspired.

I hold space for Mothers.

Really, that's what I do.

My education & training is as follows:

  • Certified Conscious Parenting Coach through the Jai Institute for Parenting

  • Director of Education at the Jai Institute for Parenting

  • Onging Education & Preparation as an Early Childhood Waldorf Educator

  • Bachelor's in Social Work & Community Organizing & Indigenous Studies

  • 10+ years practicing & studying 5Rhythms Dance

  • 10+ years studying & practicing Evolutionary Astrology

  • Home birthing + Home Schooling Mama of 2! (The best training there is!)

My Processes & Approach:

I work with Mothers who are actively dismantling inner parenting, & outer parenting; including self-talk & parenting practices that are rooted in shame, obedience,

oppression & violence. 

Because my work centers around M others who are survivors of childhood wounding, trauma + abuse + neglect, I navigate our work together with trauma-informed awareness & commitment to safety, as a priority.

*I am NOT a trauma-trained therapist. While our work together will be therapeutic, I do not claim to be able to navigate your healing process in the way a therapist would. 

I incorporate several modalities, including:

  • Mind + Body awareness

  • Somatic Processing through movement meditation (5 Rhythms Inspired Dance)

  • Unconscious Story + Belief mending

  • Inner child work through guided visualization & letter writing

  • Re-parenting

  • Connection to Elements + Ancestors, & inner Archetypes