"It starts with a whisper,


From somewhere deep in the ground

and it's guaranteed to get louder!

So don't be afraid, afraid to make a sound"


Mothers are being summoned.

We are summoning ourselves.


A quiet whisper, or a rattling in our bones, we are being summoned to turn inward, like the waning moon.

To our bodies, our own piece of Earth, and discover the transformation that awaits us in those dark, honest depths.


The drum beat from within each of us.

The siren of the soul, jolting us upright, fierce and ready.

Our courage is being called forth to once again find freedom, expression, trust, and joy in our Motherhood experience.

To treat our Children as equals.

Our courage is being called forth to sink our teeth into a relationship with our children that reflects our own inner connection:

one that is fueled with respect, empathy, understanding, gentleness, and wonder.

We are bone tired of feeling anxious, uncertain, and depleted.

We long to stand within our role as Mother with confidence, faith, wisdom,

and a sense that we are supported by our own heart, our Ancestors, our Earth, and our families and communities.


As Mothers, we deserve to feel confident in who we are and what we model to our children.

And when we mess up, we deserve loyalty to ourselves, compassion, and forgiveness. 

As Mothers, we deserve to feel Invigorated in our teaching.

Overcome with creativity, song, and dance.

We deserve support and witnessing through our necessary exploration into our depths and our darkness,

as we continue to redefine and refine who we are in relationship to parenthood, and to our children.


We know the dominant, controlling model of parenthood does not work. We feel the effects of our own childhood, struggling to stand firm in our knowing and empowered in our voice. We know our children deserve better.


We know how it feels to not be heard, valued, and respected, and we have entered parenthood with a commitment to do better.

We acknowledge our past, and forgive ourselves for our mistakes,

as we work every day to undo the effects of an oppressive, and silencing childhood.


While we do not seek to blame or shame our parents, who did their best with what they had,

we do seek to actively reflect on where we have come from in order to

move forward and create the Motherhood experience from a place of freedom, 

and to Mother our Children as though they MATTER.


So much of our struggle in parenthood has less to do with our Children and their behaviors,

and more to do with our own childhood. Our unfelt pain, and unacknowledged experiences.

Hyper-focusing on how or how not our Children are behaving is childism.

It is an unfair and irresponsible.

In my Vision, Mothers are listening to their children. They are listening to themselves.

To their needs, feelings, hopes, dreams, fears.

Mothers are supported and confident in their ability to care for themselves 

by setting appropriate boundaries, and really believing they are of worth and are enough.

      Motherhood Unearthed       

Rebecca Lyddon

Poetic & Ritualistic Guidance for A Compassionate Motherhood