Journey Through Sacred Motherhood

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We all want to connect deeply with our Children. To respond to them with warmth, patience, understanding, & kindness.


In order to do so, We must learn to connect deeply with ourselves. Finally LISTEN to all those parts of ourselves, that are calling out to us to be remembered, reintegrated, & unconditionally loved.


We may know how we want to Mother, but feel pain because we cannot bridge the gap between right now, and the way we long to feel, experience, and be. You may struggle with self criticism, cycles of shame, confusion & distrust, & insecurity.

You may feel separated from yourself. Why?

Because the way we have been Mothered, Fathered, Taught, & Led, for generations, has caused us to split from ourselves. Blind obedience, fear, scarcity, poverty, trauma, wounding, addiction, abuse.

Our hearts are broken & our insides are scattered.


And, there is a way forward.

This circle rebuilds your foundation of  Motherhood with grace, softness, slowness, kindness.

Centering the inner Children, connection to our bodies & the elements, Ancestors, & our Inner Mother, Father, & Elder.

We were all born and raised in culture & world that

devalues Children, Mothers, and Families.

We ALL have work to do, to create

a softer, sweeter world for our Children's Children.

I invite you to begin this uniquely & intimately guided 13 week journey that supports your head, heart, & hands, through soft, strong Unearthing & Rebirthing. 

For Mothers with Children of ANY AGE! Women who are pregnant, or are considering becoming pregnant.

For Mothers in ANY Family dynamic (biological, adoptive, foster, step/"bonus" Children)

I believe we are here to experience greatness with our Children. I believe ::



I believe that every Mother on this planet has the power to strengthen this world through their Motherhood.

Are you ready to move out of disconnection  & power dynamics with your self, Children, Partner, & Family? To stand in your Beauty & Power as MOTHER? Begin or deepen your practice with conscious, compassionate inner & outer parenting?

How This Works


  • 16 Weekly Group sessions via Zoom :: 75 Minutes

  • 16 Online Modules that serve our your Map Through Sacred Motherhood

  • OVer 25 Hours of Recorded audio

  • Over 100 pages of written prompts to inner exploration

  • Guided Visualization Meditations to Connect with our Inner Relatives

  • Movement Meditation & Medicine Dance for somatic processing

  •  & so much more!

Our Map Through Sacred Motherhood

Ready to Begin Your Journey Through Sacred Motherhood?


We begin by establishing a strong sense of inner safety ; connecting to our Inner Infant & Offering our intention for our journey forward.

Three :: GROUND

Here we greet the Great Mother. We feel & release our pain around our physical Mother, so we can become & connect deeply to The Great Mother Within.

Five :: SOFTEN

We have arrived, belonged, greeted the Great Mother, & connected with wise Ancestors. Now, we descend. Our first teacher? FEAR, so we may discover greater TRUST in ourselves, our children, & Life.

Seven :: BURN

Our second teacher : ANGER. It is only fair & just to feel angry! We have been kept from ourselves & fed lies. We have lived a life separated from Beauty & here, we grant ourselves permission to feel the fire. That way, we can access the courage we need to release & rebirth. Alongside anger, we will meet it's keeper: the Inner Father.

Nine :: WEEP

Our third teacher :: GRIEF. Beneath the anger, there is


a soul's longing to grieve. By allowing ourselves


permission to grieve fully, from the body & heart, we


purify ourselves, create space, & welcome the


beginning of release & transformation. Here we


connect with our creative & destructive forces, &


become clear on




Can you feel the freedom? We are weightless. We have moved through the darkness & the underbelly of our journey to find the light once again. Here, our fifth teacher :: JOY, join us. We feel authenticity, & welcome our selves more fully home. 


Our next step is to establish relation to Motherhood as a Sacred Landscape. Here, we put down roots; & begin remembering what we have cast our of inner belonging. 

Four :: GATHER

Here we pay reverence & feel what needs felt in relation to our Ancestors; known & unknown. We call forth loving, well, compassionate Ancestors to join our inner support circle as we soften, heal, release, & grow.


Now we can become clear on what we carry deep below the surface. The myths, stories, beliefs, & conditioning that keeps us from wholeness. The cycles the need soften for future generations.


We have been stripped of voice. Obediance & fear of punishment has seperated us from our ability to SPEAK UP & PROCLAIM our needs, our desires, our boundaries, our YES & our NO. Let's find freedom for our voices to soar!

Ten :: RISE

Here we continue to make space & meet our fourth teacher :: SHAME. We learn how to dance with shame so we can forgive ourselves & step into compassionate self-accountability. We deepen our connection to resiliency & show ourselves that we can overcome the adversity of our past & become the Mothers we long to be.

Twelve :: STILL

Here, we rest. While still, we have the opportunity to embody our most mature teacher :: The Inner Elder. Where we live as one with Spirit, the Unseen, & can effortlessly scan our lives to see the wisdom & the teaching in all things. 

Total Investment ::  $1,600 

Flexible Payment Plans Available

You receive 

  • Over 25 Hours of Community Coaching

  • Transformative Self Awareness + Practical Tools for Integration, Release, & Renewal

  • Trauma-Informed Support + Feedback

  • Over 25 hours of recorded Wisdom, practical tools, guided meditations, & supportive framework

  • Over 150 Pages of Guided Workbooks for DEEP Self Investigation

  • A community to be seen, heard, valued, & understood

  • A welcoming Home to yourself, within the context of Ancestral Motherhood + Sacred Mothering

  • So, so, so much more!

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