This Work is Changing Lives

:: What Mothers are Saying ::

My first greatest breakthrough was identifying myself as a member in a family. This was HUGE for me and my growing relationship with my daughter. I belong! I'm loved! I matter! I learned that through this parenting program. Now I can teach this to my daughter.

My second greatest breakthrough was learning that anger is an emotion that drives connection and change. Learning this was life changing for all my meaningful relationships!

Rebecca is a patient and calming energy. I felt comfortable to dive into the work as a result of feeling welcomed and appreciated. She did that! She's an outstanding person. She's brave and connected to mother earth. That just makes her such a beautiful person to know.

~Elsie, Arizona

My biggest breakthrough is that I have let go of the resentment I have as a mother, of putting everyone first, and being depended on all the time.  I can still experience it but have a choice to act on it or not! It's not running the show in an underlying a way!

Rebecca didn’t embody Rebecca during the sessions. She became a SPACE for me to deal powerfully with my life rather than another person giving advice! 

My 13 year old daughter is all about having a relationship with me.  We do activities together, hug, snuggle! It’s a miracle her teenage resistance only lasted a year or so and now she’s back.

~Katie, Kansas

Rebecca is gifted in holding an incredibly wholesome space for you to explore yourself and help guide you into healing.


My time with her was incredibly eye opening, and a boon to my entire family. She is wise, and sweet, and brilliant. I am so grateful to have met her and gone through her services.


If you are interested in doing the good, needed , difficult work, look no further.

~Farai Harreld, Kansas

Through this work, I have received the ability to observe myself in my triggered state, identify that I am in it, and to begin to choose a different outcome. It is allowing for more presence and connection.

Rebecca has an extraordinary capacity for distilling down to the essentials a person’s narrative. She listens deeply and helps her clients find form in the unformed. She brings tremendous compassion and non judgement into a space that is ripe with emotion and vulnerability-which is to say: she creates such a safe space.

This course added form to the very slippery business of parenting. The form is in the tools and language to communicate more compassionately and in the understanding of our psychology as parents. This information is indispensable-it encourages us to become more self aware which, in turn, creates a clearer, more connected interactions. How could one resist?!

~Alia, Kansas

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Rebecca Lyddon
Poetic & Ritualistic Guidance for A Compassionate Motherhood