Personal Motherhood Mentorship

Dear Mother, 

I am here for you.

If you are experiencing ::

  • Chronic fears of your worth or capability as a Mother

  • A longing to Mother from self connection + confidence

  • Insecurity about how to meet your child where they are developmentally, in a way that honors their needs & yours

  • Constant guilt around how to take care of your basic needs, + how to replenish yourself, from the nervous system to the spiritual expanse

  • A constant internal battle against the "monster" that overcomes you in moments of stress

  • Living with chronic guilt + shame about who you are as a Mother

  • Mental awareness of how you DO NOT want to parent, yet you cannot seem to bridge the gap

  • Lineage wounds, Ancestral//Cultural//Racial Trauma, Childhood abuse + neglect, PTSD

  • Feeling "stuck" & unable to progress on your path through Motherhood

Listen, Love. I've heard it all. In fact, I've lived it. I rose from the ashes of Post Partum Depression + Anxiety + Psychosis. I know what it's like to struggle, HATE being a Mother, & feel depleted & hopeless.

I also know what it's like to hide. To not receive the support I need. 

I am committed to making a space for Mothers who need, desire, & deserve support.

How This Works 



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Four 90 Minute Calls

Let's meet for four personal calls via Zoom. We will become clear on where you are & where you long to be in your Motherhood.

Sliding Scale :: $600-$800



Eight 90 Minute Calls

We will meet for eight 90 minutes Zoom sessions. This gives us twice the space to unpack, clear, gain skills + knowledge, & support you on your healing journey through Motherhood.

Reciprocity:: $1200-$1800

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Sixteen 90 Minutes Calls

16 Highly Personalized coaching sessions for vast insight, radical self acceptance, skill building-practice, embodiment/movement medicine practice, personalized Ritual.  Plus, access to the entire Sacred Motherhood 16 week cirriculum. This will get you moving toward where you long to be in your Self Intimacy, & connection to Children;, Ancestors, Spirit, & Life.

Reciprocity :: $2400-$3000