Personal Motherhood Mentorship

Dear Mother, 

I am here for you.

If you are experiencing ::

  • Chronic fears of your worth or capability as a Mother

  • A longing to Mother from self connection + confidence

  • Insecurity about how to meet your child where they are developmentally, in a way that honors their needs & yours

  • Constant guilt around how to take care of your basic needs, + how to replenish yourself, from the nervous system to the spiritual expanse

  • A constant internal battle against the "monster" that overcomes you in moments of stress

  • Living with chronic guilt + shame about who you are as a Mother

  • Mental awareness of how you DO NOT want to parent, yet you cannot seem to bridge the gap

  • Lineage wounds, Ancestral//Cultural//Racial Trauma, Childhood abuse + neglect, PTSD

  • Feeling "stuck" & unable to progress on your path through Motherhood

Listen, Love. I've heard it all. In fact, I've lived it. I rose from the ashes of Post Partum Depression + Anxiety + Psychosis. I know what it's like to struggle, HATE being a Mother, & feel depleted & hopeless.

I also know what it's like to hide. To not receive the support I need. 

I am committed to making a space for Mothers who need, desire, & deserve support.

How This Works 



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Four 90 Minute Calls


Let's meet for three personal calls via Zoom. We will become clear on where you are & where you long to be in your Motherhood.

Sliding Scale :: $800-$1000


Eight 90 Minute Calls


We will meet for six 90 minutes Zoom sessions. This gives us twice the space to unpack, clear, gain skills + knowledge, & support you on your healing journey through Motherhood.

Sliding scale :: $1600-$2000

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Sixteen 90 Minutes Calls


This takes you through the entire Sacred Motherhood Cirriculum, plus twelve 90 minutes personalized Zoom meetings. This will get you where you long to be as Mother; in right relationship with YOU, your Child, Ancestors, Spirit, & Life.

Sliding Scale :: $2400-$3000