Dear Mother,

How Much Bigger Could You Bloom?

Welcome Mother,

This is a space devoted to You.

You   Belong     Here.

Motherhood is far more than a role, an identity, or a series of acts.

So many of us live on the surface of Motherhood. Making the best of what we've got on the surface of our intimacy with ourselves and our children.


Motherhood is Alive,

 A Labyrinth + Landscape to find our Lost Parts.

When we Mother from this knowing, we live in right relationship + reciprocity with Life itself. We live in Wholeness. We live in Belonging




Do you want to Mother from this space?

Elevated from Mothering from scarcity, shame, disconnection, and chronic anxiety?

Will You Join Us On This Journey?

Sojourn Through Sacred Motherhood

A 16 Week Journey For M others Who Long Connect Deeply With Themselves,

So They May Connect Deeply, Wholeheartedly With Their Young

Gift your Lineage a Legacy of

Safety, Belonging, Connection, & Wholeness


This Circle is For You If 

  • You live with chronic, or semi-chronic fear that "you're not enough" as a Mother.

  • You worry that when your Children are grown, they won't want to be close with you anymore.

  • You struggle to trust your intuition or choices as a parent and tend to be influenced by others for fear of judgment.

  • You struggle with a harsh Inner Critic, and do not believe any kind of positive feedback you receive about yourself as a Mother.

  • You struggle to meet your Children in their big emotions because you were not allowed to express emotions as a kid without fear of punishment, disconnection, or shaming.

  • You feel lonely or isolated, out of touch with a greater community of like-spirited Mother.

  • You struggle with anger, rage, or aggression, & therefore cannot cope with your own Child's anger.

  • You are Mothering superficially, & hungry for more guided Ritual, Ceremony, Meaning, & Purpose to your Motherhood​.

  • You feel in inner conflict often; ending up confused, resentful, and unsure.​

  • You struggle honoring your Child's authenticity because you "don't know who YOU are".

  • You are repeating cycles of generational disconnection & trauma, even when you SWORE you wouldn't. 

  • You struggle connecting with your Body, Life, & Systems of Support.

  • You feel unappreciated, unseen, unheard, and undervalued as a Mother in your Family.

  • You tend to withdrawal and disconnect from your Children, and really struggle being vulnerable and present.

You Will Come Through Our Sojourn With 

  • Connection to All of You. All of your Parts. A greater understanding of your complexity, and how to navigate your Self in a clear way, so you can understand and empathize more with ALL of your Child.

  •  Connection to your Intuition as a Mother and Person. 

  • How to manage and navigate your Paradoxes :: Including, Fear, Anger, Grief, & Shame.

  • A deeper intimacy with the Essense of Motherhood, and its deeper purpose in your Life; a path for Personal Growth & Transformation.

  •  Greater Trust in your relationship with your Child :: YES, this CAN be a LIFE LONG relationship; with healthy limits, communication, & mutual Honoring.

  • A Softening of generational Cycles of Disconnection, Shame, & Neglect.

  • A greater sense of Belonging, Safety, & Connection within your Body.

  •  Connection to Ancestors, known & unknown, to serve as Unconditional Support throughout your Motherhood Journey.

  • Access to pent up emotions and healthy outlets of expression.

  • Practical support and skill-building to further develop your relationship with Conscious, Nonviolent, Decolonized, Aware, Responsive, & Respectful Parenting.

Will You Allow Yourself to Relieve This Gift?

Will You Allow Yourself to Step Forward, &


Gift Your Lineage a Legacy of Belonging, Safety, & Connection?

How This Works

·         16 Weekly Group sessions via Zoom :: 90 Minutes​

·         16 Online Modules that serve our your Map Through Sacred Motherhood

·         Over 25 Hours of Recorded Teaching

·         Over 100 pages of written prompts to inner exploration

·         Guided Visualization Meditations to Connect with our Inner Relatives

·         Movement Meditation & Medicine Dance for somatic processing

·         Cultivation of Conscious Community

Our Map through Sacred Motherhood


We begin by establishing a strong sense of inner safety ; connecting to our Inner Infant & Offering our intention for our journey forward.


Our next step is to establish a relation to Motherhood as a Sacred Landscape.

Here, we put down roots; & begin remembering what we have cast out of inner belonging, & what we long to return home to. We will begin our exploration with our Twelve Inner Archetypes.

Three :: GROUND

Here we greet the Great Mother. We feel & release our pain around our physical Mother,

so we can become & connect deeply to The Great Mother Within.

Four :: ATTUNE

Before we take action, we must notice what is. Here, we become aware of the needs that are being met, and needs that are going unmet.

Five :: GATHER

Here we pay reverence & feel what needs felt in relation to our Ancestors; known & unknown. We call forth loving, well, compassionate Ancestors to join our inner support circle as we soften, heal, release, & grow. We connect & commit to a Plant Ally to sit with & create intimacy with for the duration of our course.


We will explore the ways in which we approach or avoid Sacred Self Intimacy, & intimacy with Others, especially our Children. We will explore the pathways forward for healing + strengthening Rejection Wounds, Abandonment Wounds, + Avoidant Wounds. Through the lens of self Empathy, Compassion, & Forgiveness

Seven :: SOFTEN

It's one thing to TALK about Self Forgiveness, Compassion & Empathy, it's another to EMBODY it. Here, we will ritualize, through movement, our own innate ability to Soften Shame.

Eight :: PAUSE

Here, we rest. We integrate. We prepare ourselves, through reflection & commitment to intention, to sojourn through the Six Primal Emotions of Motherhood. 


We have arrived, belonged, greeted the Great Mother, & connected with wise Ancestors. Now, we descend. Our first teacher? FEAR, so we may discover greater TRUST in ourselves, our children, & Life.


Before we explore our Second Teacher :: ANGER, we will meet its keeper: the Courageous Protector Within. We will connect to the force within us that serves as our sword, our shield, & our Way Shower. Self Discipline, Commitment, & Continuity Medicine for our Courageous Heart. 

Eleven :: BURN

Meet Anger. Our inner Fire. Our Will. Our ability to know & do what is right. Meet Sacred Rage. Learn to more these forces so we are stuck in inner illness & fragmentation. Learn healthy aggression, & grow your capacity to hold space for your Child's Anger, too.

Twelve :: UNBURY

Our voices have been cast into Exile. So often, our Anger becomes Illness on the inside because we are vastly separated from our Power :: Our Voice. Let's Unbury Your Sound & reconnect you with your True YES & True NO.

Thirteen :: BOUND

Now that our Voice is returning, we access the practice skills of Speaking Up & Going After our Wants. How to design our life by defining our core values, and begin to honor our children's core values.

Fourteen : WEEP

Our third teacher :: GRIEF. Beneath the anger, there is a Soul's longing to grieve. By allowing ourselves permission to grieve fully, from the body & heart, we purify ourselves, create space, & welcome the beginning of release & transformation. Here we connect with our creative // destructive forces, & become clear on What Wants to Be Born.

Fifteen:: RISE

Here, we welcome in our Fourth teacher :: JOY! We move our joy. We bask in the weightlessness of what it means to be living our Truth. We connect this with our Children's Language :: PLAY! Attachment play, storytelling, role-playing, expressive arts. All the FUN STUFF! 

Sixteen :: THRIVE

Here, we reflect once again on the Sojourn behind us. What have we learned? You receive the space to create your Map. What are your 16 points of Sacred Motherhood's Constellation? Every Mother/Person in our circle will have a unique map to return to whenever the pressure of the outside forces bogs down on us. From here, we sow seeds for the coming months. And, we CELEBRATE!

Ready to Begin Your

Sojourn Through Sacred Motherhood?

You Receive 

  • Relief from Mothering in Isolation

  • Over 25 Hours of Community Facilitation

  • Guided Ritual + Ceremony

  • Movement Meditations

  • Transformative Self Awareness + Practical Tools for Integration, Release, & Renewal

  • Trauma-Informed Support + Feedback

  • Over 25 hours of recorded Wisdom, practical tools, guided meditations, & supportive framework

  • Over 150 Pages of Guided Workbooks for DEEP Self Investigation

  • A community to be seen, heard, valued, & understood

  • A welcoming Home to yourself, within the context of Ancestral Motherhood + Sacred Mothering

  • So, so, so much more!

Do You Feel the Call?
Do you feel a
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This helps us determine if this work, and it's necessary commitments, are a True YES for YOU, and a True YES for US.
This work is intimate, and we want to be on the same level of devotion, excitement, clarity, and connection.
After a conversation + interview with our Enrollment Advisor, tuition will be discussed at length.
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